Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 days

Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 Days?

I am sharing with you a summer special fruit diet plan with the help of which we can lose weight up to 7 kg in 7 days and I am very excited about Aaj's diet plan to share with you all. 
Because the summer season has started, I will give you all the options from morning rings to bedtime tea, which will be summer special, you will also enjoy weight loss and you will get permanent weight loss. 
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 days
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 Days?

Your skin complexion will also be bright, your health will be improved, and your digestive system will also work better for those who complain that they lose weight but do not lose these things, then inches will also decrease and you will lose weight in a few days. 
I will also fail to see the obvious difference and the most interesting thing is that this diet bean is a healthy diet bean that will not give you any health issues but your health will be better than before. 
Skin complexion will also be good and your hair growth will be doubled than before

Morning drink: 

These small steps are very important, you have to follow this very easy morning drink of this tight plan, take a glass of lukewarm water, take room temperature water, do not take cold water, take room temperature water. Take or warm the water a little, add half a lemon juice and then a pinch of black pepper or cinnamon powder, just add it and drink a glass of it in the morning empty stomach.


There are many fun options for you in breakfast, of course, you will repeat one of the options or you will change the options. The first option is that you will get a smoothie for yourself. 
There will be three dates, one teaspoon of melon seeds, pump seeds, seeds, five or seven almonds, three raisins, and only four to five slices of banana, that is, about half a banana. You will take 200 ml of about one glass of low-fat, fat-free, good-quality milk and if you don't have any Chetra pack, then don't worry, you have milk at home. Once it boils, it will rise to the top and separate it, then it will be low-fat milk. All you have to do is grind all these things well, and you will consume a glass of Modi for breakfast in the morning.

One cup of lukewarm milk: 

Take one cup of lukewarm milk, low fat only, I have shared the method with you. With a little bit of pulp, and a little bit of ripeness, this kind of banana is to be used by you while losing weight, these are very fun options, they are healthy options, and there will be no vaccinia, but if there is a deficiency of calcium, iron or vitamins, then from this type line, that too. Improv will be a very fun summer special option that is my absolute favorite.
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 days
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 Days?
And this option looks very fun on a summer morning, that is, you take a bowl of curd and put any fruit of your choice in it, even if it gets cold, the ghee will burn and run You will find this option very fun in the morning and you will feel very refreshed in the morning. K-field contains lots of fiber and we waste it. One and a half to two hours after breakfast, you will have your mid-warning snack, and for this, you have the best option to have a cup of green tea. Take and because of green tea, our belly fat is very fast, blood circulation is also good, our mood is also good, we are fresh and we feel active.


Just the first option is very healthy and yummy and for this, you need one to one and a half cups of low-fat unsweetened milk and if you want, take it semi-warm or one to two tablespoons in room temperature milk. After filling the spoon up, sorry, not one to two, but three to four tablespoons, which are tablespoons, fill it with a chia set or basil set, which are available at home, without the tension that you put in it and make it something. It has to be softened for a long time and if you want to enjoy this food cold in the summer season, then keep it in the fridge, after a while, it will go cold and you will forget the chia seeds too. 

You will be topping it with your favorite fruits I have added an apple to it, and she has cut strawberries and added a date which is very high in vitamins, and uses it. 
What should you do? Anyway, you can eat dates in the mid-morning time or in the evening time. Add raisins to it for three or five times. 
These raisins are very beneficial for those who are deficient in iron. If you don't have mix minutes then three five or seven you can also add almonds, and one teaspoon I have added sats in it, if you want then pumpkin seeds or melon seeds which are available at home can be added to it. Add and if you want to enjoy this cool cool pudding, keep it in the fridge for a while and it will set, then you can enjoy it during lunchtime in the summer season.
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 days
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 Days?
Well, any type of deficiency, be it iron, calcium, vitamins, all these deficiencies, by consuming this one ball daily, your deficiencies will begin to recover, well, you have an option. You can also have pomegranate raita or pineapple raita, simply put pomegranate or pineapple chunks in it, then you can consume it at lunchtime, it depends on you. You can take it, but you should not add sugar to it at all, not even jaggery powder, because we are getting the sweet in the form of fruits, so we did not take any extra sweetener.


What will we have for dinner, what options do we have? 
Well, I will tell you that it is better to take a bowl of mixed fruit. If you want it to be a bit sweeter, you can add lemon juice or chaat masala to it. Mix these fruits and eat them. It will not contain sugar jaggery powder or any such sweetener. As much sweetener as we are getting in the form of fruits, we don't need to take anything extra sweet you can have a mango smoothie, you will take two tablespoons of mixed nurse and it should be about one cup of mango chunks, and 200 Ml low fat without milk take milk put all these things in up grinder jug and blend well and this is one glass you can have mangos in Modi's dinner beside you have option Take an apple with the peel, wash it well, cut it, take five or seven raisins and a glass of 200 ml of milk, so you have a complete meal. It will be a complete dinner and all these options are very healthy options, they are fun options. go,
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 days
Can You Lose Noticeable Weight in 7 Days?
Then you can also change your options. Well, this is a healthy diet plan. Trust me, these seven days will bring a big change in your life, along with weight loss and your skin. I personally feel that this step is a very important step in weight loss and many small tips can be followed to lose weight quickly. 
Among all these tips, one of these steps is also very important, so given the summer season, I am suggesting you fennel tea that you should fill a teaspoon of fennel in a cup of water and add 3 to 4 teaspoons of fennel. Cook for a minute and then turn it off, the color will also change. After that, when the tea becomes semi-warm, strain it and put it in a cup. This will make you sleep very sweet. 
There will be no problem, your body will relax and your skin will also be good if there is an issue of dark circles, that will also be solved.

I hope you liked this diet pan-up. If you liked it, please share the article with your friends and family.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment box below

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